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đź’— Customer Results đź’—


"Let me just say this first, OH MY GOD! This thing is honestly so cool! I use it every other day since I think my skin is a little bit too sensitive. When I do manage to use it the next day my face feels so light and clean. I feel like I was smacked by an angel! No but in all seriousness this thing is such a good buy. It came with three different tips that are for any skin type, I'm guessing. My favorite is the tip with the "microcrystalline" probe. I still don't know how to pronounce that to be honest lol. It's the probe with the grey exfoliation tip. It cleanses your skin's surface while you're dragging out all those nasty juices! It's like you get TWO features for the price of ONE. I know you're probably bored by this long paragraph by now but to make a long story short, buy this product if you have ANY problems with your skin." 



"So I've struggled with extremely oily skin and clogged pores my whole life. Ever since I was 15 years old I've been an oily mess! I stumbled across this Skin Vacuum on Instagram and decided to give it a go. It came in a nice little box with three different suction tips. I put it to work the next day and OMG. My pores were dumping out all kinds of junk, It worked FLAWLESSLY. My mom ended up using it after seeing my results and she bought one for herself too."



"When I first ordered this I won't lie, I was extremely skeptical. It first arrived in a nice box with a clean instructions manual. I've used The Skin Vacuum for about 2 months and it's literally amazing! When used properly it can really make a difference within 3 uses. It's become apart of my skin care regimen and I think it's totally worth it. Quick tip though; always make sure your face is wiped clean and a little moist/wet before using it. Drag the vacuum over your skin and don't stay in one spot for too long and you'll be thanking me later."



"This product is absolutely wonderful. I have tried tons of blackhead remover products and I have never used something that works as well as this blackhead suction. In the attached video, the first head I was using was the smaller blackhead suction one. This works very well around my nose area. You can see the results from just a few swipes. The very last clip shows me using the microcrystalline head which I use all over my face and it leaves it so super smooth. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with pests blackheads, oily skin, or blemish-prone skin. I couldn’t have asked for better!"



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